Exhibition for all senses

Never Alone – The Secrets of Symbiosis

Invited by the Organizing Committee of EuroGard 9, participants may visit an exhibition for all senses during the Congress at the Congress venue.

This special exhibition was created according to 20-year-long experience of Prague Botanical Garden with the cooperation of the international team of „Botanical Garden: COME IN! VSTUPTE! KOM IN! WEJDŹ! GYERE BE!” project funded by the European Union Erasmus+ program.

Its universal design aims to involve wide public, including visitors with special needs. The exhibition is unique because visitors can perceive the exhibits not only by sight, but they can enjoy it using all their senses. Exhibits can be touched, heard, smelt and sometimes even tasted. They are accompanied by labels and descriptions both in latin and Braille. Those who are interested can borrow an eye mask and a special audioguide.

The topic Symbiosis describes various and fascinating relationships between living organisms in nature with an entertaining and interactive approach.

Authors of the exhibition (2018):

Eva Novozámská, Curator of the Prague Botanical Garden
Jarmila Skružná, Curator of the Prague Botanical Garden
Klára Lorencová, Curator of the Prague Botanical Garden

Co-authors (2018-19):

Gothenburg Botanical Garden, Sweden – Helen Ekvall, Eva-Lena Larsson, Kennert Danielsson, Karen Otto
Botanical Garden of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland – Roksana Lubkowska, Joanna Markiewicz, Alicja Kolasińska
Hungarian Association of Arboreta and Botanic Gardens – Anikó Béltekiné Gál, Antal Radvánszky, Géza Kósa, Zsuzsa Szendi, Vince Zsigmond

as COME-IN project partners.

Hungarian team at EuroGard 9 (2022):

Zsuzsa Szendi, Curator of the Exhibition (HAABG)
Lilla Pamuk, Interior Designer (HAABG)
Tibor Bárány & Krisztián Halász, Living plants and assistance (National Botanical Garden Vácrátót)
László Papp, Living plants and assistance (ELTE Füvészkert Botanical Garden)