Arboretum of Kecskemét

1. BGs as living treasuries – maintenance and development of living collections

The Arboretum of Kecskemét is a 35 years old plant collection founded and maintained by the regional forest company named KEFAG Kiskunsági Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt.
The woody plant collection covers an area of 62 hectares with more than 900 taxa cultivated. The arboretum holds a rich oak collection.

2. BGs as green laboratories – scientific activities and research infrastructure

The Arboretum of Kecskemét is an interesting place for experiments of adaptation. The climate is continental, the soil is diverse, rather sandy, and therefore it is a good reference to landscape and garden design and establishment in the region.

3. BGs as experience-based class-rooms – education activities and infrastructure

The garden offers experience-based events for children every spring and autumn. Besides the guided tours and plant recognition workshops, individual visitors’ self-education is facilitated by the boards along the paths giving information on plants, insects, animals, the climate and the soil conditions.

4. BGs as custodians of biodiversity – conservation activities, saving endangered species, gene banking

There are several native, protected plants in the arboretum such as Epipactis helleborine a rarity in the region.

5. BGs as perpetuators of cultural heritage

There is a 2-hectare Church area, an organic part of the Arboretum where the Maria Chapel can be found. It was built in 1718. This chapel has been a shrine for pilgrimage for centuries. Besides there is an ally with statues of Hungarian Saints, a Calvary, a Lourdes’ Cave and also a place of worship dedicated to the unborn children. Perfect places for reconciliation and lifting up the spirit.

6. BGs as eco-attractions – recreation areas, touristic activities and operations, visitor experience and comfort

Kecskemét, the town with the greatest population of the Kiskunság region is surrounded by a well-planned green belt. It has a beneficial effect on the micro-climate. Urban people can escape to the Arboretum for recreation. The garden has an outdoor work out ground, a playground and a newly built look-out tower.