Official Congress Excursion:
Different Natural Habitats and the National Botanical Garden Vácrátót

Wednesday, 18 May, 2022 from 08:00 till 19:20
Official congress excursion is included in all FULL registration types and accompanying persons’ fees.

Please note that the student, discounted and daily registration fees do not include the tour!
A limited number of additional tickets are available for 75 EUR/person, please sign up the soonest to ensure your booking.

Please be prepared with comfortable and appropriate footwear and clothing for the all-day hike.

Program of the day:


Departure by bus from the congress venue to the different destinations of the fieldtrip


Arrival to the destination, welcome by the host of the nature reserve and natural habitat


Guided tour on the trail


Bus transfer to Vácrátót National Botanical Garden


Greetings by the hosts, refreshments and tasting Hungarian street-food specialities


Site visit in the Garden in groups


Bus transfer to Nagymaros


Danube Bend River cruise, arrival to Budapest Central port (Vigadó), transfer to hotels individually

Morning Field Trips Destinations – ONSITE SIGNUP

Visiting various types of natural habitats in and around Budapest. Onsite signups to the different locations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis at the Registration Desk on-site.


1. Sas-Hill – Nature protection area – guided tour

Living nature museum in the heart of Budapest!

Thanks to its special location, Budapest still harbours islands of natural habitats that host rare and protected plant species. Meanwhile visiting the dolomite screes watching rare species of the steppe slopes visitors will admire the unforgettable panorama of the bustling metropolis lying at the foothill of Sas-hegy. Just walk and watch!

2. Natural vegetation spots of the Pannonian forest steppe preserved in the Soroksár Botanical Garden – guided tour

The Pannonian Biogeographic region represents the easternmost edge of the Eurasian forest steppe zone. Rare steppe species, endemics and colourful orchids accompanied by tremendous number of Iris flowers provide an exceptional view when walking along the protected fen meadow, entering the oak groves accompanied by tartar maple or climbing up the inland sandy dune with mass of feather grasses.

3. Saline steppes – Farmos – guided tour

The saline steppes, salt meadows and lakes on the Hungarian lowland harbour a special continental steppe flora. Species adapted to high salt content are located in the former low-lying river catchment of the Tisza River. The flora is limited by the harsh habitat conditions, which allow the development of a specific halophytic steppe vegetation.

National Botanical Garden Vácrátót

The 180-year-old romantic landscape-designed garden, also a national monument and nature conservation area, is the richest scientific plant collection of Hungary . The scenes of this 27 hectare park are engaging in all four seasons. Annual plant exhibitions, intimate trails, rose and geranium collections, and countless tiny wonders of nature await our guests throughout the year.

Read more at National Botanical Garden’s website link: https://botanikuskert.hu/

Danube Bend cruise

The Danube bend is the richest destination in art and history in Hungary. Cruise along the old royal town, enjoy a superb view of the Danube bend, the ruins of forts and castle.