Diamond Sponsor

The Foundation for the Botanical Garden of Eötvös Loránd University („Foundation for Füvészkert”) was established in the summer of 2005 in order to help the successful and versatile operation of our botanical garden. The aim of the Foundation is to develop and support the wide-ranging educational activities of the botanical garden at all levels, and to preserve the garden as a cultural and natural heritage.

Within the framework of the non-profit activities, the Foundation supports several different tasks:

-Organizing and managing efficient, wide-ranging education and nature conservation work, as well as the development of information systems.
-Expansion and development of the botanical garden and its valuable collections (library, herbarium, seed collection), as a “living museum”.
-Creating financial resources for the preservation of architectural values and for investments aimed at more economical operation in order to protect the botanical garden as a cultural heritage.
-Organizing events to promote the botanical garden.

Foundation for Füvészkert (Füvészkertért Alapítvány)
H-1083 Budapest, Illés str. 25
Email: papplaca@gmail.com | https://www.kertalapitvany.hu/

Contact: László Papp
E-mail: papplaca@gmail.com

Gold Sponsor

Hortis by Candide

For more than a decade, Botanical Software has helped botanic gardens around the world with plant collection management tools. In 2020, we joined Candide Ltd UK, a technology company whose mission perfectly aligns with ours – that is, to help botanical gardens increase their impact and prosperity. In 2021, our team of engineers, botanists and horticulturists launched Hortis, the next generation plant collection platform. The first adopters of Hortis, members of Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand (BGANZ), were onboarded soon after and our community is growing every day.

With Hortis, we are Rethinking Plant Records through user-centred design and technology as a means to solving many of the issues gardens are struggling with today. Visit our exhibit to learn more about our vision and how we can help you. At the congress, our CEO, Havard Ostgaard will be joined by our botanical scientist Dr Waheed Arshad and our product designer David Twomey. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing ideas about the future.

The Hortis Team at Botanical Software – a Candide company
• 40 Queen Square, Bristol, UK
• Koepoortstraat 40, Doesburg, NL
www.hortis.com | info@hortis.com

Silver Sponsor

IrisBG Collection Management

IrisBG is a complete database and software solution to manage living and preserved botanical collections. We believe that IrisBG should serve as a helpful tool that facilitates everyday work with your collection and it enables easy accessioning with images and mapping, sharing of plant material, tracking the wellbeing of plants and much more.

One of our major success factors is our engaged community who is sharing their experience and guidance to other members, as well as continuously feeding back suggestions for improvement to us. IrisBG has been developed by Compositae AS since 1996 and is in use by more than 200 botanical gardens, arboreta, herbaria and private estates worldwide.

Get in touch to get your free 60 days trial.

IrisBG Collection Management | Compositae AS
Rykkinnveien 73, 1349 Rykkinn, Norway
Email: contact@irisbg.com | www.irisbg.com

Contact: Mari Rustan, Marketing Director & Product Manager
Email: mari@irisbg.com


Greehill reimagines how cities and citizens engage with the urban environment by introducing digital twin technology for urban forest management. Our platform provides intelligent data, tools, and insights about urban trees to make cities greener, smarter, safer, and more resilient.

Each tree in our database includes a centimeter-accurate digital 3D model and high-resolution images to reveal both its structure and surroundings. Tree care specialists can take custom measurements, filter trees by key characteristics, run safety and health checks,and quantify ecological and economic benefits to inform maintenance activities.

Our solutions have been designed to help cities understand what is happening in each street and park in their urban forest, so they can focus their resources on maintaining safe and healthy urban trees and communities.

H-1061 Budapest, Andrássy str. 7.
E-mail:  info@greehill.com | www.greehill.com

Bronze Sponsor

Agrolánc Kft. was founded as a joint-venture in 1990 primarily for the distribution of agricultural and civil sector maintenance machinery. Agrolánc is now functioning as a private company with two Hungarian owners: Ágnes Králl, Károly Szemerei.

Since its foundation the company has been the exclusive distributor for Antonio Carraro tractors, one of Europe’s leading agricultural and civil sector machine manufacturers. The company obtained exclusive rights for distributorship of professional lawn-mowers of Gianni Ferrari Srl in 1992; sidewalk sweepers of the Applied Sweepers Ltd (now Green Machines), Scotland in 1999, Club Car of Ingersoll Rand and for distributorship of professional turf care products of The Toro Company.

Besides providing machinery for orchards and vineyards maintenance, Agrolánc Ltd. focus on providing equipment for the civil sector, sport field and golf sectors.

Agrolánc headquarter is located in Fót, with central sales, service-assistance and spare-part supply departments. Nevertheless, we attribute particular importance to extension of our sales network in different parts of Hungary and therefore to render our “philosophy” known in the Hungarian agricultural and civil sector maintenance market. Substance of Agrolánc philosophy is as follows: Selecting and selling of a machine according to determined professional criteria does not terminate at the moment of delivery, right on the contrary, this is the moment when a new relationship begins between User, Agrolánc Kft. and Manufacturer. This relationship is based on a continuous feed-back and its substance consists in punctual and quick supply of spare-parts; precise service-assistance and satisfaction of users’ requests with new machines, attachments and technologies.

H-2151 Fót, Jedlik Ányos utca 35.
Tel./fax: +36 27 539 640; +36 62 255 452
E-mail: info@agrolanc.hu; zsombo@agrolanc.hu | www.agrolanc.hu


LAPASTO is a brand of good food and good life.

It has been established as a social co-operative to introduce and promote the form of the social enterprise. Since its establishment in 2013 it developed a fruit processing workshop and provided work to several disadvantaged employees.

LAPASTO process local fruit crops, uses modern technologies and applies the short food supply chain. Recycling, knowledge sharing and community building are also key features of its operation.

The co-operative is now acknowledged as an outstanding example of well-functioning social enterprise.


H-6792 Zsombó, Kossuth Lajos str. 63
Contact: Antal Radvánszky
Email: lapastoszovetkezet@gmail.com

The exhibition will be open 16-20 May, 2022 at the University of Public Service, at the EUROGARD2022 Congress Venue. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet representatives of institutions/companies such as the HAABG partner companies at their stands to discuss new developments and receive up-to-date information.

For Exhibition & Sponsorship application please send your interest:

CongressLine Ltd.
Tamás Krasznai
H-1065 Budapest, Révay köz 2.
Tel.: (+36-1) 429-0146 • Fax: (+36-1) 429-0147
E-mail: eurogard2022@congressline.hu