Botanical Garden Eger

1. BGs as living treasuries – maintenance and development of living collections

The Botanical garden belongs to the Eszterházy Károly Catholic University in Eger (NE Hungary). The garden consists of two parts: the botanical garden itself, which is protected by law and adjacent orchard with school vegetable garden. The living collection encompass about 150 species of trees and 500 species of herbaceous plants.

2. BGs as green laboratories – scientific activities and research infrastructure

A research system for studying the ecological effects of different LED light colour temperatures and their attractiveness for insect species has been installed in the garden. The methodology of counted flower visits of certain plant species by diurnal and nocturnal insects has been elaborated and applied.

There is an experimental horticultural stand of Mentha longifolia. The chemical composition of individuals originating from different populations is measured.

3. BGs as experience-based class-rooms – education activities and infrastructure

The garden is a location for biology training lessons, offering educational programs and activities for students of all grades and public (different botanical topics, summer camps, exhibitions, special lectures for teachers, competitions or programs combined with subjects from zoology and ecology).

The garden took part in an intercultural student gardening programme.

4. BGs as custodians of biodiversity – conservation activities, saving endangered species, gene banking

The garden holds about 70 vascular plant species protected or endangered in Hungary. Among the rarest plants of the garden are species of sunny calcareous bedrocks, e.g.: Ferula sadleriana or Jurinea glycacantha, there are also nearly one hundred Orchis purpurea individuals, flowering every May.

The micro-climatic conditions of the garden are best for growth of rare forest-steppe species, such as Dictamnus albus, Echium maculatum  or Aster amellus.

6. BGs as eco-attractions – recreation areas, touristic activities and operations, visitor experience and comfort

The garden is a pleasant place for walks and relax on the edge of the town of Eger, with a beautiful view to Nagy-Eged hill.