Folly Arboretum

1. BGs as living treasuries – maintenance and development of living collections

Folly Arboretum is a living conifer museum founded in 1905 by the Folly family who still owns, cares for and develops the garden. Among the various species of cedars, cypresses, junipers and other conifers (around 300 taxa in all), together with 200 species of deciduous trees and shrubs. Our cypress collection contains all of the species found in the world and our redwood groves house many of their accompanying plants.

2. BGs as green laboratories – scientific activities and research infrastructure

Folly Arboretum is willing and able to provide opportunities for mainly conifer-related research. As our last  cooperation, we helped a researcher collect botanical samples  of 19 species of conifers for analysis to help in a study of the Department of Pharmacognosy, Semmelweis University.

3. BGs as experience-based class-rooms – education activities and infrastructure

Folly Arboretum has specialised educational programs for all age groups. The offered nature-based activities are seasonal, focusing on knowledge that can be seen, heard and experienced in the open, combined with an arts and crafts session using natural material for children.

4. BGs as custodians of biodiversity – conservation activities, saving endangered species, gene banking

Folly Arboretum is primarily known for cultivating exotic, warm-loving conifers. Even so, several species of protected plants can be found in the garden as examples of ex situ conservation.

5. BGs as perpetuators of cultural heritage

Our botanic garden is not only a unique collection of cedars and cypresses, but a family history of several generations, a result of dedicated work and perseverance. All these are reflected and shown in detail in our newest attraction: an interactive family history museum opened in the old wine cellar of the old family house.

6. BGs as eco-attractions – recreation areas, touristic activities and operations, visitor experience and comfort

Folly Arboretum aims to provide visitors (with or without botanical interest) a varied and full garden experience. Shady walkways along colourful perennial flowerbeds and century-old conifers, lookout tower, playground for kids, restaurant with inside and outside seating, cafe and confectionery, wine and cordial tastings, guided tours, souvenir shop with branded products – these are all part of an emerging adventure.